Assessment of Your Car

When assessing a car, we take into account many factors:

Mileage, History

When assessing a car, the mileage, history and origins of the car are very important. We assess much higher cars that were bought new in Estonia and have a low mileage for their age. If your car meets these criteria, be sure to mention this to our appraiser.

What is a car’s natural and unnatural wear and tear?

Using a manual for determining natural and unnatural wear and tear, we will explain what factors could affect the price of a car when assessing. The manual contains a list of defects associated with the normal use of a car, as well as those defects that are not caused by normal use.

Since we are dealing with used cars, normal wear and tear does not affect the price of a car. If there is unnatural wear and tear, the car is assessed lower.

Car Body

Natural wear and tear

  • superficial scratches, chips from pebbles
  • minor rust stains
  • evenly discolored paint (paint washed off by brushing)
  • individual dents with a diameter of up to 1.5 cm or traces of dents without damaging the paint

Unnatural wear and tear

  • dents and traces of dents with a diameter of more than 1.5 cm
  • damage to paint, surface scratches through a layer of varnish or paint
  • traces left after removing stickers
  • the car was not properly restored after an accident, i.e., damaged parts are not replaced or replaced with non-standard parts: the car configuration was not completed or done carelessly
  • rust or holes in the body and sills
  • cracks and chips in the bumpers, headlights and glass


Natural wear and tear

  • light interior contamination
  • uniform fading, tarnishing of textiles and plastics

Unnatural wear and tear

  • burnt or torn spots
  • damage caused when installing and removing additional equipment
  • damage to car interior parts or missing parts
  • stubborn stains, unpleasant odor, animal hair, mold


Natural wear and tear

  • starts up well, runs smoothly, does not smoke
  • has surface contamination of the engine compartment

Unnatural wear and tear

  • starts up cold or hot for a long time
  • rough operation, lack of power, heavy smoke
  • extraneous sounds in the engine, defects in the exhaust system
  • warning lights on the instrument panel are on


Natural wear and tear

  • no heavy knocking, the car stands level on the road

Unnatural wear and tear

  • heavy knocking on the suspension, broken springs
  • air suspension deflates when the car is stalled
  • crunch in the axle shafts when turning the steering wheel
  • tight steering wheel, extraneous sounds in the power steering
  • humming of bearings or gearboxes