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What kind of cars do we buy?
Cars in good condition, urgent sale
We purchase from leasing and installment plans
Cars from enterprises, firms and institutions
Cars in need of repair and salvage
Cars unused for long time and without technical inspection
Cars for parts and scrap metal
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Facts about Us
We assess over 100 cars daily
We buy at least 15 cars daily
70% of those who buy a car from you will bring it to us for resale with a surcharge
At the moment, we have 260 cars for sale. This is the largest selection in the Baltic States!
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People choose AutoRahaks because:

Prices are unbeatable

Thanks to our extensive experience and confident position as a leader in car buying, we can offer you the best prices!

It’s fast

Consideration of the application, assessment on the spot and payment of money — all this will take no more than 1 hour!

It’s convenient

We are open every day including weekends, and you can invite an appraiser to your place for free!

It’s safe

We guarantee the due diligence of the transaction. We will conclude an agreement and pay the full amount without any commissions and deductions!